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Wood M Board

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WOOD BOARD is a universal board suitable for both beginners and professional climbers.

WOOD BOARD is made of one piece long dried linden wood.

Why linden wood?

  • Is soft, pleasant to the touch saves your skin and allows for longer more intense workouts.
  • Does not slip (compared to other wood species - beech, oak, ash).
  • It looks beautiful and smells nice, linden is the Czech national tree.

For beginners there are a rounded big jug, 2,5 - 4cm deep pocket and for the masters small 1cm crimp, single hole, 30 and 40 degree sloper. The hangboard is therefore suitable for beginners and professional climbers.

The development of each hold was supervised by a physiotherapist Mgr. Karolína Nevelíková and therefore all hold are very ergonomic, with a suitably selected radius of curvature of the lower edge.

Board has a universal top cassette into which you can put your mobile phone or our small stopwatch to control the length of your hanging or the entire workout.

We recommend using chalk which protects your skin and the board itself.

Cleaning: WOOD BOARD brush. It has ideally hard bristles that do not damage soft wood. The brush is included in the package.

Size: 580x150x50mm

Made in Zlín, Czech republic

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Category Training
Gender Unisex
Activity Climbing
Materials Wood
Brand Wood M Board
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