Why The Fair Cottage?

Too often we get caught up by impulse and desire, forgetting to look beyond our habits and reflect on the impact of our behaviour. Now is the time to innovate the idea of consumption. To create pathways that are conscious instead of careless, regenerative instead of destructive. At The Fair Cottage we believe our actions can be the foundation of our well-being whilst leaving a constructive mark. Platforms like ours are necessary not only for supporting people and brands who already engage in responsible and ethical commerce, but to persuade others to change their priorities when it comes to consumption, bring awareness to the repercussions of their actions and ultimately lead more sustainable lifestyles.

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  1. Westmark Camber Frank April Edition
    Westmark Camber Frank April Edition
    As low as €599.99
  2. Element Rocker Snowboard
    Element Rocker Snowboard
    As low as €499.99
  3. Coda Rocker Snowboard
    Coda Rocker Snowboard
    As low as €679.99
  4. Shiloh Rocker Snowboard
    Shiloh Rocker Snowboard
    As low as €599.99