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About Us

Culture of consciousness

About The Fair Cottage


"We yearn to safeguard our playground"

A one-stop marketplace supporting the green outdoor sports community. Through partnerships with only the most transparent brands, TFC helps you enjoy outdoor sport while reducing your impact on the planet.


"Outdoor sport is deeply rooted in nature"

We yearn for a more conscious outdoor industry. Change relies not only on manufacturers, but the decisions consumers make. Our transparent marketplace helps you align choices with your personal values.


"A transparent and eco-focused marketplace"

We bring together a collection of high quality, sustainable surf and outdoor gear. By providing detailed information on products and the certifications, values and social responsibilities of the brands behind them, we empower a green community.

Who we are

Fair Cottage is a Berlin-based startup, founded in 2021, that promotes sustainable surf, outdoor sports gear, and lifestyle. Our mission is to combat unethical and unsustainable practices while providing transparency in our operations.


  • Eloy Padilla Eloy Padilla Founder & CEO
  • Carlos Alonso-Goya Carlos Alonso-Goya Co-Founder & CGO


  • Javier García Javier García CPO
  • Richard Catty Richard Catty Editor & Writer


  • Clara Delgado Clara Delgado SEO Specialist
  • Rubén López Rubén López Graphic Designer
  • Alex Pérez Alex Pérez Senior Motion Designer
  • Adrián Padilla Adrián Padilla Product Designer
  • Sabina Cabello Sabina Cabello Art Director
  • Antonio Vázquez Antonio Vázquez Senior Developer
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We help outdoor enthusiast to discover & identify sustainable brands with transparency.


We leverage traceability and international market-fairness, gaining visibility with more profits.

Our values

  • Innovation
  • People
  • Quality
  • Radical