About Us

About Us

Culture of consciousness


"Outdoor sport is deeply connected with nature"

Change relies not only on manufacturers, but the values of consumers and the choices we make. We believe in a marketplace, where people can easily find out about products, brands, support a fair Marketplace and the community.


"We yearn for safeguard our beautiful playground"

A Marketplace that optimise eRetailing and empower eco-conscious brands. By only partnering with environmentally friendly and transparent brands, TFC helps people find ways to enjoy outdoor sports while reducing their impact on the environment.


"A transparent and eco-focused marketplace"

We bring together high quality, eco-friendly outdoor clothing & gear by trusted brands, who share our passion for ethical consumption and sustainable living. You can learn about materials and certifications, brands’s values and social responsibilities.

Who we are

We are The Fair Cottage, a Berliner community focused on sustainable surf, outdoor sports, gear and lifestyles. We are concerned about the bubble of misinformation in which we live and the huge use of fast, unfair and unsustainable trade. We believe in change and supports any individual or organisation that ventures with us into this new era.

"Stay with us on this challenging journey."


  • Eloy Padilla Eloy Padilla Founder
  • Greta Liscio Greta Liscio Senior Digital Marketing
  • Richard Catty Richard Catty Editor & Writer


  • Clara Delgado Clara Delgado SEO Specialist
  • Rubén López Rubén López Graphic Designer
  • Alex Pérez Alex Pérez Senior Motion Designer
  • Adrián Padilla Adrián Padilla Product Designer
  • Sabina Cabello Sabina Cabello Art Director
  • Antonio Vázquez Antonio Vázquez Senior Developer
  • Wanna be a collaborator? Wanna be a collaborator?

Member of
  • Greentech Alliance Greentech Alliance


  • Maintain an online space devoted to sustainable surf, outdoor clothing & gear.
  • Support eco-friendly, ethical and transparent consumption.
  • Bring transparency to every product and brand.
  • Provide trusted, expert advice based on thorough research.
  • Deliver quality and durable products with long lifecycles.
  • Support a circular economy.

Our values

  • Information is the foundation of transparency
  • Transparency helps to build trust
  • Sustainability is our focus
  • Quality is our signature
  • We carefor people and the planet
  • We share values and knowledge
  • We solve problems together