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BioLite HeadLamp 750

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  • Climate Neutral Certified

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The BioLite HeadLamp 750 professional headlamp has a maximum luminosity of 750 lumens and is splash-proof (IPX4). With its combined beam of light, it is ideal for all outdoor activities such as jogging, hiking and mountaineering. With main features such as a burst mode with 750 lumens, constant brightness control and a red rear light, this headlamp is a real highlight. The red light preserves the dark adaptation of the eye and prevents other people in the group from being blinded. When the nights are getting longer again and it is getting dark in the late afternoon, it is time to take out the headlamp again. Whether jogging, cycling or just taking a walk - in the dark the red rear light helps in every situation to be seen better and thus to prevent avoidable accidents.

"3D SlimFit" for high wearing comfort

The extremely high wearing comfort compared to all competitors is thanks to the patented 3D SlimFit Construction Baptized construction achieved. The "3D" stands for the three factors with which the wearing comfort is to be achieved. One of these factors is the lamp itself, the construction of which is significantly flatter than normal, so that it sits directly on the head and does not lose its grip or slip even with more abrupt movements.

Breathable "Smart Fabrics"

The seamlessly integrated headband ensures the use of breathable materials and its Non-slip for an optimal fit of the lamp construction on the head. After a short time, you have forgotten that you are wearing anything on your head, while the lamp continues to shine with a brightness of up to 750 lumens, with 8 different lighting modes available.

Perfectly balanced

The headlamp is optimally balanced because the battery is on the back of the head. This keeps the lamp lighter at the front of the head and also creates a counterweight, which prevents the headlamp from gradually slipping down.

Adjustable light cone

Two light cones (wide or combined) and several light modes ensure efficient lighting for outdoor Activities. For near or far vision, the downward beam angle can be adjusted with just one hand.

Rechargeable battery with long runtime

As it should be for a modern product BioLite HeadLamp can of course be easily recharged via USB and is also splash-proof with IPX4 to withstand one or the other downpour. The battery life is 7 hours with full brightness, with the lowest setting the battery even lasts 150 hours. The supplied 1 meter long and extra flat USB cable can be connected to a PowerBank in the backpack to extend the running time endlessly.

Pro feature: Constant mode

The Most headlamps automatically regulate the lumens to extend battery life. Over time, as your eye gets used to the darkness, they will get darker. This works efficiently in many cases, but it shouldn't be the only mode available for dealing with technical terrain or darkness. In constant mode you have complete control over your lumens and can thus set a constant brightness that is not dimmed - unless of course you wish.

Pro Feature: Pass-through charging

As a rechargeable headlamp, you can extend the running time of the HeadLamp 750 indefinitely thanks to pass-through charging. This means that you can use your headlamp and charge it at the same time. With the supplied 1 meter long and extra flat USB cable, you can establish a connection to an external power bank, which you can easily put in a vest, backpack or belt. Our cable management clip ensures that the cable management remains close to the body for fluid movements.

Pro Performance starts with Fit

BioLite's groundbreaking 3D SlimFit technology integrates the headlight electronics directly into the Performance fabric tape and thus ensures a real "wearable". No wobbling, no slipping - when you are active, your headlight should illuminate the way and not interfere. Our proprietary design solves this problem by integrating the electronics directly into the belt. This creates a flush, flat front without moving mass. The rear battery element distributes the weight and keeps the pressure off your forehead, while the moisture-wicking fabric tape keeps you cool and dry.

Floodlight when you need it

A small pressure on the back gives you 30 seconds of maximum brightness 750 ch on the front.


  • Maximum output 750 lumens.
  • Dimmable red, white -, strobe and burst mode.
  • Dimmable red rear sight light with full tone and flash.
  • The front panel can be tilted down with one hand.
  • Runtime: 150 hours LOW, 7 hours HIGH, 8 hours RESERVE.
  • The 11 Wh Li-ion battery is charged via micro USB.
  • Settings for constant mode and for always run.


  • BRIGHTNESS: Low 5 Lm; Medium 250 lm; High 500 lm; Burst 750 Lm.
  • CONSTANT RUNNING TIME: Low 150 hours; Mean 4 hours; High 2 hours; Burst 30 seconds per burst.
  • REGULATED RUNTIME: Low 150 hours; Mean 8.5 hours; High 7 hours; Burst 30 seconds per burst.
  • RESERVE: +8 hours at 5 lm.
  • LIGHT RANGE: 15 m to 130 m.
  • LIGHT MODES: Red Flood, White Spot, White Flood, White Combo Spot + Flood, White Strobe, White Burst 30 Seconds, Red Rear Strobe, Rear Red Strobe, Red Rear Flood.
  • BATTERY: 11 Wh, 3,000 mAh, Li-Ion battery, USB rechargeable.
  • INPUTS: Micro-USB Charge In.
  • IN THE BOX: 1 m long Micro-USB cable.
  • COLOR SPECTRUM: ChromaReal broadband LED (CRI 90).
  • WEIGHT: 150 g.
  • LOCK MODE: Yes, digital lock.
  • OPERATING TEMPERATURE: -20 ° C to 50 ° C.
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