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Focus Area

  • Environment and HealthEnvironment and Health

Verification Method

  • 3rd Party Audited3rd Party Audited

Issued By



Quality Seal / Business Initiative

Applicable To

Textiles and accessories


The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is a worldwide, independent testing and certification system for assuring the safety of textile products.


  • The standard prohibits or limits the use of several hundred banned and unregulated toxic chemicals throughout the textile supply chain. The standard takes into account local and international regulation and its test methods and limit values have been scientifically developed.
  • In order to be certified by the system a product’s outer fabric, plus all sewing threads, inserts, prints, as well as non-textile accessories, such as zips and buttons must comply with the standards safety criteria and limit values, which aim to go beyond national and international standards.
  • Certified companies must show the existence and application of quality assurance measures on their production lines and sign a legally binding agreement to only manufacture in a way that complies with the standard.