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Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)


Focus Area

  • Environment and HealthEnvironment and Health

Verification Method

  • 3rd Party Audited3rd Party Audited

Issued By

Forest Stewardship Council


Multi-Stakeholder Initiative

Applicable To

Sustainable and ethical forest management and wood sourcing


Guarantees that the wood contained in a product comes from an FSC certified forest or plantation.


  • FSC works to improve worldwide forest management by caring for native plant and animal species, the rights of the indigenous people and the safety of forest worker’s plus any other stakeholders in the health of forests.
  • FSC forest management certification confirms that the forest from which wood is sourced meets the aforementioned standards while also ensuring it’s sustainability.
  • Multi-stakeholder governance from forestry companies, environmental groups, retailers, academics, students and activists.

FSC´s products

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