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Focus Area

  • Social Social

Verification Method

  • 3rd Party Audited 3rd Party Audited

Issued By

Fair Trade Foundation UK


Multi-Stakeholder Initiative / Product Quality Seal

Applicable To

Farmed and Mined Goods


The FAIRTRADE Mark allows consumers in the UK to identify products that contain only fair trade ingredients and are made by organisations that adhere to the Fair Trade Principles.


  • Fairtrade works with businesses, consumers and campaigners to promote fairer trading standards, connect disadvantaged farmers and workers with consumers and empower them to combat poverty, strengthen their position and take more control over their lives.
  • Fairtrade compares prospective partner company sustainability schemes to the core Fairtrade principles to ensure shared values before partnering with them.
  • These principles include ensuring that farmers and workers are paid a fair price, supporting strong, flourishing producer organisations and enabling democratic decision-making by farmers and workers related to their business and community development.
  • FTF independently checks that their standards have been met by farmers, workers and companies that are part of a product’s supply chains. The Fairtrade mark signifies a product is in accordance with Fairtrade Standards.

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