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Better Cotton

Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)

Focus Area

  • SocialSocial
  • Environment and HealthEnvironment and Health

Verification Method

  • 3rd Party Audited3rd Party Audited

Issued By

Better Cotton


Multi-Stakeholder Initiative

Applicable To

Textiles and materials


Shows the commitment to more sustainable cotton production. It means that you’re buying a majority cotton product, from a retailer or brand that is committed to sourcing Better Cotton and investing in BCI Farmers.


  • Better for smallholders, who can use the knowledge, support and resources we provide to grow cotton – and other crops – more sustainably. Improving soil health, water management, greenhouse gas emissions and climate resilience.
  • Better for large farms, whose investment in sustainability is recognised and rewarded.
  • Better for farm workers, who benefit from improved working conditions and a higher standard of living.
  • Better for farming communities, where inequalities are confronted and women become more empowered.
  • Better for our implementing partners and civil society organisations, who are working to create lasting change on the ground.
  • Better for donors because their funding goes to the places where it can have the most impact.
  • Better for governments that can draw on our expertise and resources to plot a nationwide path to sustainability.
  • Better for companies across the supply chain as they meet customers’ demands for sustainable sourcing.
  • Better for retailers and brands who know that cotton that’s good for people and planet is equally good for business.
  • Better for consumers who, from a glance at a logo, know that what they’re buying is made by those who share their values.
  • Better Cotton isn’t just a commodity, it’s a movement.

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