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The Coolest Eco-Friendly Snowboard Gear 2023

The Coolest Eco-Friendly Snowboard Gear 2023


Enjoy snowboarding? Love nature? In this post, The Fair Cottage reviews the top eco-friendly snowboard accessories for nurturing both passions.

We are passionate about sustainable brands and their products. We are only promoting and partnering with brands that are ethical, have values aligned with our own and are ecologically and technologically innovative, helping you to purchase responsibly and reduce your impact on the environmental.


When it’s time to get our boards ready, to give a profile to the edges and apply new wax to your eco-friendly snowboard, we recommend opting for non-polluting bio-based waxes such as Mountain Flow eco-wax.

A bit closer to home, we find the Spain’s Nzero wax, whose tailored range of sustainable waxes was was awarded at the 2017/18 ISPO outdoor fair for the best achievement in ecological accessories. Whether you are into snowboarding, Alpine skiing or touring, cross country or splitboards, you can be sure that Nzero’s high quality waxes are 100% natural with no paraffin or fluorates.

Eco ski wax Nzero


Once your board is waxed and ready for the slopes, it's time to get kitted out for those bumps and much sought after jumps. At The Fair Cottage, we are thankful for French brand Picture Organic’s development of a product that helps to protect not only your head, but the environment too. The brand was awarded by ISPO for its production of its fully-recycled plastic helmets, which is our top pick for eco-orientated safety gear.

shema spreed helmet materials


Contrary to the helmet market, there is a depth of choice in good quality, on-trend, sustainable winter sports clothing. Here we introduce just a few of our favourite brands.

Picture Organic offer creative and elegant designs with a commitment to organic, recycled and bio-sourced materials and a focus on product life cycle, making them a perfect fit for The Fair Cottage.

Picture Organic Clothing Woman Ski Snowboard Jacket

Ortovox Ortovox is a German-based outdoor equipment company that specializes in producing high-quality mountain sports gear. Founded in 1980, Ortovox has become a trusted name in the outdoor industry, particularly in the area of avalanche safety and backcountry skiing.

The company's product range includes avalanche transceivers, probes, shovels, backpacks, and clothing, all designed with the needs of mountaineers, climbers, skiers, and snowboarders in mind. Ortovox products are known for their durability, functionality, and reliability, and the company is committed to using sustainable materials and production methods whenever possible.

The Swiss brand Open Wear. They offer fairly priced, high spec technical clothing made from ecological materials. The concept provides a transparent and efficient alternative to typical retail choices by cutting out third party material suppliers and external retailers, effectively undercutting rivals who use more conventional supply chain and distribution methods.

Even when compared to some of the high flyers in the technical snow clothing domain, Open Wear gear sports some remarkable attributes. Their jackets, for instance, are breathable, waterproof, durable and elastic. They also have a special pocket for your sustainable water bottle, gps-watch easy access and a telephone and headphone socket. What’s more, they are lightweight and adjustable, thanks to chord lockers and high quality zippers for pockets and ventilation. One thing that really catches our eye is the tracker installation option. The tiny unit can be purchased as an add on and fitted in a specially designed pocket, allowing a jacket to be located using a smartphone in the event of loss of theft.

Open Wear jacket


At The Fair Cottage, sustainability and ethics are at the heart of any product or brand that we choose to endorse or sell via our planned online shop. We believe consciousness and transparency will be basis of a new, ethical consumption model, because it’s the only way we, as outdoor sports enthusiasts, can enjoy nature while taking good care of it.

We know that the eco-friendly route is the one less trodden in the textile, outdoor and sports equipment industry. But no matter what challenges we may face, we will continue to cut this difficult path, overcoming any obstacles along the way. Gradually widening its appeal, until eventually, it is the road that everybody takes; manufacturers, retailers and consumers.

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