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Sustainable products offer for employees

Sustainable products offer for employees


the newly founded digital platform FutureBens enables companies to offer their employees purpose-driven products at a reduced price, all with a focus on prioritizing the expectations of the next generation: sustainable and responsible consumption.

The New Needs of Employees

Leading a sustainable lifestyle matters more than ever. Catalysed by an increasing understanding of climate change, as well as the recent pandemic, the desire to lead a more conscious lifestyle is picking up pace, particularly in Generation Z and Y. So how do young, 20-40 year olds figure out where to spend their money in a way that balances price and value with the desire to go ‘clean label’? FutureBens solves this buying dilemma through their generous deals on purpose-driven products, exclusively available to employees.

Actions Behind Words

It’s no longer enough to turn a blind eye to social causes. Companies have to be more involved when it comes to sustainable practices – and more creative when it comes to employee perks. FutureBens makes it hassle-free and simple to get companies connecting their employees with more meaningful perks that help encourage a more conscious lifestyle.

Support Your Sustainable Dealer

FutureBens only ever works with brands that are made under ethical and sustainable conditions. Supporting your sustainable dealer and opting for a more responsible alternative has never been easier when using the platform.

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How It Works

Companies and their employees get free access to a customized platform, where they can browse and buy sustainable products at generous discounts. Lifestyle, homeware, food and beverages and wellness are some of the many categories curated and on offer.