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Skiing, or Cycling soon? Do it with style, without leaving oil in your tracks

Skiing, or Cycling soon? Do it with style, without leaving oil in your tracks

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Discover the Natural Difference with NZERO

Did you know that when you Ski, or Snowboard, that you are most likely leaving oil and toxins behind in the snow?

Did you ever consider that the vapours from your favourite bicycle chain spray, or mineral oil might not only smell terrible, but could actually be doing you harm?

There are now studies demonstrating that drinking water close to densely skied areas contains the toxins that are present in traditional waxes. That breathing PTFE, Flour, or other PFAS “forever chemicals” from either sprayed aerosol lubricants, or from melting mineral-based solid wax, deposits those “forever chemicals” in your lungs, and from their they can enter the blood stream.

snowboard natural wax from zero

There is another way.

NZERO have been developing natural, bio waxes and lubricants since 2015. All of their organic waxes are made with 100% plant-based, natural ingredients. A perfect blend of biological extracts with no toxic additives.

nzero libe applying natural bike oil

However, organic products are nothing without performance, right?

Well NZERO have invested heavily in R&D. They analyse multiple organic compounds before running them through simulations. Once the optimum combination of ingredients is generated for the targeted application, samples are released for testing. This is when performance athletes take over, trialling the products in real-world situations. The end result are products that equal, or better their mineral-oil equivalents.

NZERO ski waxes have excellent glide and performance characteristics, and their 100ml liquid applicators can be carried onboard aircraft and are fast and easy to apply even to hired skis, or snowboards inside the hotel (!)

nzero natural lube bike oil

Their EU-ECOLABEL certified WET lube, has such a low coefficient of friction that it can give up to +3Km/h of performance for the same peddling input compared to traditional mineral lubes.

What are you waiting for? Grab an NZERO liquid wax for your next ski holiday. Purchase some NZERO WET lube to give your weekend ride a boost. Your skis, or bike will thank you, as will the planet and your body.

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