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Bergans of Norway: Making Repair More Accessible and Profitable

Bergans of Norway: Making Repair More Accessible and Profitable

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Recently, the ease and convenience of purchasing new products online have made repair seem like more of a hassle than a necessary step. However, Sustainability Manager in Bergans, Christoph Centmayer, believes that we must make repair a more accessible and easier choice to achieve our environmental goals. Bergans, an old Norwegian company with a tradition of repairing products since its founding in 1908, is taking steps to make repair more accessible to customers, such as offering in-store repairs and traveling with a "repair car."

Offering Repairs at the Point of Sale

Bergans hopes to make repair more convenient for customers and has launched a new service deal with Norwegian retailer to offer repairs at the point of sale. According to Centmayer, most people want to repair their products, but they do not know where to go. With the EU Green Deal proposing repair as a consumer right, the industry must step up and offer repair. However, turning a profit with repair can be challenging due to the high expenses associated with salaries, facilities, machinery, and spare parts.


Bergans of Norway outdoor woman jacket, in a tent.


The Benefits of Repair

Despite this challenge, Centmayer believes that repair is crucial for other circular services, provides invaluable insights for product development, and can lead to loyal customers. Bergans also offers a return scheme, second-hand sales, a redesign collection, rental, and a subscription service for kids coveralls, all with in-house repair at the core. Bergans is exploring ways to make repair more profitable, with potential in subscription models and other services.


Bergans of Norway is committed to making repair more accessible to customers and to reducing the environmental impact of their products. By offering repair at the point of sale and other circular services, Bergans hopes to make repair a more convenient and profitable option for customers. Through these efforts, Bergans is paving the way for a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly future in the outdoor industry.

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