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21done, the app that helps you change your life by changing your habits

21done, the app that helps you change your life by changing your habits


You become what you repeat

Your daily habits and behaviors shape who you become. However, many people don't consciously choose their habits, and end up repeating the same unfulfilling patterns day after day. If you want to live a life aligned with your values and desires, you need to replace old habits with new ones. Are you ready to create positive change in your life?

What you can expect

21done is an incredible personal growth app designed to help you achieve your goals by developing long-term habits. With 16 different growth topics, including self-discovery, mental and physical health, creativity, and sustainable living, this app provides you with the knowledge and resources you need to become your best self. Fun fact: 21done was even awarded second place for "Startup of the Year 2023" by Didacta, the leading trade fair for education.

21done app

How does it work?

  1. Select your goal
  2. Receive a 21-day plan tailored to your goal. Your plan consists of effective and fun learning resources such as articles, challenges, videos, podcasts and more. The plan also suggests practices which you can do on a regular basis to move towards your goal
  3. You can add the most suitable and relevant practices to your habit list and set reminders to stay on track!
  4. You also earn impact points with every personal growth progress you make, which you can redeem for a social cause or for a subscription or voucher on our app
  5. Last but not least, you can always invite your friends to your plan to work on a goal together!

21done also offers a marketplace of personal growth services where you can find services from career coaching, yoga, meditation to creativity and sustainability workshops. For every purchase, 21done and its service partners donate 2% of the service price to a charitable project of your choice. Don't put off your personal growth any longer! Start today!

NOTE: The app is currently only available in German.

You can download App here and apply the code "21DONEXBLG" to get a free one-month trial of the 21done app!

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