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1% for Nature-Positive Contributions

1% for Nature-Positive Contributions


Nature positive contributions are considered a more effective way to address environmental issues than carbon or biodiversity offsetting – they are not meant to be used for compensating a negative impact, but to invest in nature positive outcomes instead.

It's time to give back to the environment that sustains us.

G7 leaders announced in 2021 that “our world must not only become net-zero but also nature positive, for the benefit of both people and the planet.” For a healthy and stable Earth, we must protect 30% of biodiverse nature by 2030. This is bold, but tenaciously bold steps are exactly what the world needs.

Nature positive refers to a world where nature thrives, with species and ecosystems restored and regenerating instead of declining. It envisions humanity living in harmony with nature, recognizing that everything we create and consume takes something from nature.

Our commitment to sustainability is a long-term necessity


How nature positive contributions works

Single.Earth is a GreenTech company with significant funding for scientific research and innovation development in nature-based solutions. it is focused on preserving biodiverse ecosystems and restoring balance to the planet.

Their immediate goal is to increase the conserved area of mature forests worldwide by making forest preservation economically viable. To accomplish this, their in-house science team has taken a bold approach, assessing and quantifying nature as a whole, including CO₂ removal, ecosystem integrity, and biodiversity.

Read about Ecosystem integrity index (eii) here

Using their proprietary virtual measurement unit called MERIT, Single.Earth's data scientists and blockchain engineers can represent the measured value of nature. With this innovation in science and technology, Single.Earth aims to integrate nature protection into daily life through multiple use cases.

You can now do the same and make a nature positive contribution here.

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