Sustainability Criteria

The Fair Cottage Criteria

The Fair Cottage supports only the most environmentally and socially aware brands.

We have a set of basic requirements that all brands and manufacturers must meet in order to partner with us. Aside from the standard certifications for manufacturing practices and material resourcing, we also believe in brand commitment, social responsibility, recycling programs, emission offset, energy management, repair workshops, fair labour practices and environmental projects. We take all these factors into account when deciding whether to work with a brand.

We require all partner brands to adhere to the following ethical standards. Through the evaluation of every claim and the supporting evidence provided, we carefully assess whether a brand meets our minimum criteria. Further to holding brands responsible through the manufacturing stages, we consider whether they apply the below policies and practices to other operational activities. This includes administration, marketing, warehousing and distribution. Every part of the business model is relevant.

  • Resourcing and Manufacturing
    • Local resourcing
    • Local manufacturing
    • Sustainable and/or organic resources
    • Animal welfare
    • Recycled materials
    • Avoiding chemicals and PFC's
    • Green Packaging
  • Emissions
    • Reducing pollution in manufacturing
    • Transport management
    • Supply chain optimization
  • Energy, Water and Waste management
    • Reduction of water use
    • Energy management philosophy
    • Waste management
  • Sharing values
    • Repairing
    • Recycling
    • Upcycling
  • Fair & Healthy labour
    • Preventing worker exploitation
    • Fair labour conditions and compensation
    • Diversity
    • Workplace health & safety
    • Promoting good practices and working environment
  • Commitments and transparency
    • Innovation
    • Sustainability Reporting
    • Data sharing and evaluation
  • Giving back
    • Social projects
    • Ecological and environmental projects
    • Partnerships with organizations

Ethical Consumption Loop

Which responsibility has the consumers when it come to shopping?

Despite all effort from brands and manufactures to adopt sustainability, not all responsibility lies on this side to full our shops with sustainables products.

Consumers must also adopt measures that feed our conscience to make more ethics and responsible choices when we buy a product. The Fair Cottage supports ethical consumption and we advise our customers to make responsible and smart purchases.

The Fair Cottage Ethical Consumption Loop