Zealous Clothing

Zealous Clothing

Are You Ready For a New Generation of Women’s Surfwear?

Zealous Clothing

Zealous Clothing


Zealous /ˈze-ləs/ means to be filled with or to be inspired by intense enthusiasm [Synonyms: enthusiastic, passionate, eager] and embodies our striving for happiness that we find in the ocean & mountains.

Because we were tired of losing our so called surf bikinis in the waves, we decided to design our own! Zealous surf wear is made to stay put and support you during your most radical turns and most hilarious wipeouts! Welcome to a new generation of women's surfwear!

Founded in 2010 in Hamburg, Germany, Zealous has evolved from a hobby, selling handmade pieces, to one of Europe's most successfull surfwear brands for women built on pillars of ethical production practices, support of environmental issues, and usage of sustainable fabrics.

At Zealous we are not only focusing on sustainability alone, but we are also celebrating diversity. We do not retouch our images, but showcase girls in all shades and shapes. We make products for ALL women, from size XS to 4XL, Cup A to Cup G, so that you're perfectly equipped to hit the ocean and pursue your passion! Come join our tribe!


Surf Bikinis, Surfsuits, and apparel made for women!


We work with several small to medium sized manufacturers in Bali, Indonesia. Family owned factories. We have direct and personal contact to prepare the manufacturing after review designs and sketches together. We compensate fairly according to the market.

Our last achievement was to introduce plastic-free packaging, by today, we do not use any single use polybags to protect our products in the retailing process.


Your Zealous product is damaged or broken? Throw it in the trash and buy it new? No way! Please just send us your repair request and we help you out.

As soon as we receive your request, we will examine the damage. In case of warranty, and if the damage is not a result from misuse or lack of care we will repair the product.

We cannot guarantee the repair by 100 % because not all damage can be fixed. But we won’t give up easily. It is important to us that you are satisfied and we will do anything in the framework of our Repair and Care Program to help you out.


We donate 10% of our annual warehouse sales to buy carbon credits or help Balinese families in need.

Support & Programs

  • 1% for the planet


  • Bamboo
  • Linen
  • Organic Cotton
    Organic Cotton
  • Recycled Poly
    Recycled Poly

Technical Textile Technology

  • Econyl


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