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YUYO surfboards are an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional surfboards.

3D printed with post-consumer recycled plastic waste and laminated with biocomposite materials, our surfboards help preserving the natural marine ecosystem

After ten years shaping "conventional" surfboards, we experienced the "surfer's paradox": the contradiction between our eco-friendly mindsets and the toxicity of the equipment we were making.

This is why we created YUYO, a new generation of surfboard manufacturer aimed at rethinking the process of building a surfboard, in order to make it as sustainable as possible.

You won't find any foam in our boards (either polystyrene or polyurethane). We replaced it by a 3D printed core structure made out of 100% recycled post consumer plastic trash. This structure is then laminated with biocomposite materials: natural basalt fiber and plant based bio-resin.


Everything is made at our workshop in Montpellier. We choose our suppliers as close as possible and try to stick to a zero waste policy, thanks to our additive manufacturing process.

Each surfboard is custom made, to suit the very needs and wills of the surfer. Feel free to come visit us !


All our surfboards are guaranteed one year.

If you have a ding on the board, it can be fixed like any other surfboard (all epoxy resins are compatible). If the structure of the board is damaged, we fix it at our workshop: we 3D print the broken part then put a patch of fibre and resin and the performance of the board remains the same as new!

If a board cannot be repaired, we collect it and manage the end of life ourselves: we separate the different materials and recycle them as far as possible.


We are certified "socially innovative company" by Alter'Incub. Our boards are certified "Ecoboard Gold level" by Sustainable surf. We won a trophy at the “SportUp Summit 2018” by Ad’Occ, at “Osons les entrepreneurs engagés” by Montpellier Métropole and Airdie. We were nominated as “Startup3D of the year 2018” by 3Dnatives and “Inn’Ovations 2018” by the Occitanie Region.

We work closely with local associations that collect plastic trash, especially ReSeaClons, based in Le Grau du Roi, close to our workshop. They collect trash with the help of local fishermen who "fish" a lot of plastic in their nets.

We keep improving our products all the time to make every new surfboard more performant and more sustainable. In order to achieve this we work our R&D in collaboration with several labs and research centres: The C2MA (The Materials Center of the mines of Alès) and the Charles Gerhardt Montpellier Institute (from the University of Montpellier).

Labels & Certifications

  • Eco Board Gold Label


  • Basalt Fiber
    Basalt Fiber
  • Bio Resin
    Bio Resin
  • Recycled PET
    Recycled PET


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