Wood M Board

Wood M Board

For beginners and professional climbers who want to strenghten more than their fingers

Wood M Board

  • HEADQUARTERS & STORAGE LOCATION: Zlín, Czech republic.

Wood M Board


The love to climbing, training and nature made Wood M Board.


Wood M Board is designed for beginners and professional climbers who want to strenghten more than just their fingers.


WOOD M BOARD is made of one piece long dried linden wood.

Why linden wood?

- is soft, pleasant to the touch.
- saves your skin and allows for longer / more intense workouts.
- does not slip (compared to other wood species - beech, oak, ash).
- it looks beautiful and smells nice.
- linden is the Czech national tree.

Alpha and omega is choosing the right tree. The linden must be ideally old, it must be a 100% healthy tree, but with respect to nature.

The felled tree is transported to a sawmill, where boards are cut to the required size. Only the quality part of the tree is selected for further processing.

The cut semi-finished products are stored in an oven for four months, where they dry slowly. Proper moisture must be achieved to prevent the wood from cracking.

We re-grind all boards by hand so that there is no sharp edge on them and they are safe and pleasant to the touch. Every hold passes under our hands.


We love nature and our hearts would break if the trees were just cut down because of us, so we contribute 100CZK from each board sold to the planting of trees in the Czech Republic.


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