Ula Ola

Ula Ola

We're a small project that try to bring some new things to the world of surfing

Ula Ola
  • STORAGE LOCATION: A Coruña, Spain.

Ula Ola Workshop


We prioritise the low toxicity of materials obtained nearby our workshop. Also the carbon footprint generated by them.

We are makers, we use open source hardwares and designs to make our products. We are always open to collaborate with the makers movement as much as possible, sharing and supporting the community.


Fins, surfboards, natural surf wax and wooden components for shapers.


We produce in A Coruña, in a small work shop with near resourcing.

Our cores are HPL (High Pressure Laminate) and wood inside the FINS. For surfboards, we use decks of Paulownia and Obeche veneer and the same wood for timbers. Entropy Resin and Flax fibres on surfboards. We use a high pressured phenolic laminate made in a 60% of cardboard.

We love to experiment with unconventional materials, avoiding to create new distribution channels for the them. We manufacture on a small scale with the most modern techniques.


All our products can be repaired in our workshop and on any similar surfboard repairing center with conventional materials and tecniques. We can bring (e-mail) support to the customer about how to repair their damaged product.


  • Bio Resin
    Bio Resin
  • Cork
  • Linen
  • Natural Wax
    Natural Wax
  • Wood

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Shaping a Ula Ola table

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  1. Full organic Twinfins Sale
    Full organic Twinfins
  2. Single fin Mid Length 6'6"
  3. Single fin Mid Length 6'4"
  4. Organic Beeswax
  5. Futures Twinfin
  6. Quad fins

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