Sustainability Criteria

The Fair Cottage Criteria

The Fair Cottage supports only the most environmentally and socially aware brands.

In order to partner with The Fair Cottage brands and manufacturers must meet certain minimum requirements in relation to manufacturing practices and material resourcing. Fair labour and trade, animal welfare and conservation, social and environmental health as well as general good practice are also incredibly important to us. Most of our partners display certifications or labels pertaining to the upkeep of high standards in one or more of these areas. We also take into account sustainability and circular economy through recycling programs, emissions offsetting, energy management and repair services when deciding if a brand is a good fit for The Fair Cottage.

To ensure that brands meet our minimum manufacturing and resourcing criteria we carefully assess brand applications and supporting evidence as part of our thorough evaluation process. In addition, we consider brand policies and practices in relation to the below operational areas. This includes administration, marketing, warehousing and distribution. Every part of the business model is relevant.

  • Resourcing and Manufacturing
    • Local resourcing
    • Local manufacturing
    • Sustainable and/or organic resources
    • Animal welfare
    • Recycled materials
    • Avoidance of chemicals and PFC´s
    • Green Packaging
  • Emissions
    • Reducing pollution in manufacturing
    • Transport management
    • Supply chain optimization
  • Energy, Water and Waste management
    • Energy management
    • Water use reduction
    • Waste management
  • Life cycle Values
    • Repairing
    • Recycling
    • Upcycling
  • Fair labour and trade
    • Prevention of worker exploitation
    • Fair labour conditions and compensation
    • Diversity
    • Health & Safety
    • Workplace environment and good practice
  • Accountability and transparency
    • Sustainable Innovation
    • Sustainability reporting
    • Data sharing and evaluation
    • Knowledge sharing
  • Giving back
    • Social projects
    • Conservation and environmental projects
    • NGO and not-for-profit partnerships

Ethical Consumption Loop

What kind of responsibility does the consumer have when it comes to clothing and gear?

The Fair Cottage values ethical consumption and eco-friendly products, but it’s not only brands who are responsible for adopting sustainable values. Consumers must do their bit too. That’s why we urge our valued customers to make responsible and smart purchase decisions, only buying from reputable and eco-conscious brands and extending the life cycle of their clothing and gear as long as possible, repairing, reusing and recycling wherever possible.

The Fair Cottage Ethical Consumption Loop