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Southern Shores

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Southern Shores

  • HEADQUARTERS & STORAGE LOCATION: Nordersand, Hamburg, Germany
Southern Shores


Sustainable Yoga. For the protection of our oceans. Southern Shores exists to protect our oceans. All our actions as a company are consistently focused on one goal: To do our part to protect our oceans!

We want to use our resources, reach and community to do something about the crisis facing our planet. Our sustainable yoga products are designed with an uncompromising focus on performance and sustainability. The Ocean Mat is made from FSC certified eco natural rubber and is arguably the most sustainable natural rubber yoga mat developed to date.


Our product range includes yoga mats, yoga belts and yoga blocks. In the future, we will offer more variations and produce additional clothing.


The supplier produces our natural rubber yoga mats at its headquarters in Taiwan. It provides each employee with various training and development opportunities, as well as subsidies for further training. There is a welfare committee comparable to a German trade union. Each employee receives an annual bonus, retirement benefits, health care, and support for marriage, childbirth and illness. In addition, employees and their dependents are insured by the company and are provided with further medical advice and free health checks that go beyond the usual health care in Taiwan.

Our Portuguese producer of yoga blocks is committed to guaranteeing the fight against child labour and unfair working conditions along the entire supply chain.

Our Turkish supplier of yoga belts is certified and is committed to meeting high social and quality requirements. Criteria such as fair pay, safe and hygienic working conditions, prohibition of child labour and other points are successfully fulfilled here.


Our claim as a company is to act as sustainably as possible. Sustainability is not just a slogan for us.

We take action ourselves and clean the beaches of Barcelona every week from plastic and other rubbish. Together with our great community. By selling sustainable yoga products, we conserve our resources and prevent new plastic from entering the environment.

But we are not satisfied with that. In addition, we donate 1% of every sale to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation, which promotes the worldwide protection of whales and dolphins. The organisation is the world's leading organisation dedicated to the protection of these unique animals. In addition, we scrutinise our impact on our environment in the manufacturing process of our products and during transport under the strictest criteria. We try to reduce this impact as much as possible and compensate for it if necessary.

Labels & Certifications

  • FSC
  • 1% for the planet


  • Cork
  • Natural Rubber
    Natural Rubber
  • Organic Cotton
    Organic Cotton
  • Recycled PET
    Recycled PET

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