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Huku Balance

  • HEADQUARTERS & STORAGE LOCATION: Creeslough, Donegal, Ireland.

Huku Balance


Original balance boards since 2008, built by hand in Donegal.

Boardsports have been part of our lives since we were able to stand on a board, from skating to surfing to wakeboarding and SUP’ing. The one thing that was needed to master all of these was balance! I made my 1st balance trainer from scrap material I found in our workshop in Donegal. It was a heavy, ugly thing that broke within a week, but it showed me the importance of balance training. Fast forward several design iterations and the HuKu board was born. Strong, fast, beautiful, and most certainly not scrap! Slowly I began selling these boards to my friends, and to local surf shops as well as local physios. Soon I realized this could be more than a hobby and here we are...

Many years have passed by since that 1st balance board, and as I have gotten older, I found new challenges and ways to stay healthy, first pilates and then yoga. The more I learned about yoga, the more I realized the benefits of balance training and developing a strong core. An office job showed me the importance of posture and movement. This is when I learned about the yoga wheel and how it can also help all of us live a healthier life. The other thing I notices was that all the wheels I found online were made from plastic, so again, I decided to make my own and after many iterations landed on our final design.


Balance boards and yoga wheels, designed to help improve posture, balance, strength and core. All natural, hand made balance trainers.


HuKu believe that if a product can be made from a renewable and sustainable material, then it should. Yes plastic is cheap, but is it worth it? We certainly don’t think so. The texture, the strength and the beauty of wood will always win over plastic in our hearts! So every product we design and make will have a material that comes from nature and can return to nature.


1 sale = tree planted

Sustainable sustainability is our way of saying we care about the environment. We started Huku knowing we wanted to create quality, natural products that didn't leave a stain on earth. We've been thinking about what happens at the end of a product's lifecycle just as much as what happens at the start.

We're also new to this, just like you. We're so far along the process of becoming a positive eco certified brand, but we still have lots to learn. Our goal is to make responsible decisions that we can sustain.


  • Organic Cotton
    Organic Cotton
  • Cork
  • Wood
  • Natural Rubber
    Natural Rubber

Labels & Certifications

  • FSC
  • Organic 100


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