Fairpoxy 3L Bio Based Laminating Resin

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Fairpoxy 3L Bio Based Laminating Resin

  • For laminating

Premium bio based epoxy for any kind of lamination project as well as coating purposes. Fairpoxy surpasses any regular epoxy in quality and ease of use. For surfboard construction and a wide variety of indoor and outdoor projects.

  • For top casting

Crystal clear bio based top casting resin for layers up to around 0.5 cm each. Fairpoxy is the most versatile solution for hot coats, casting of table tops, counter tops and paintings and small resin art projects.

  • Packaging

Fairpoxy bio based epoxy is mixed by volume and is for now available in 3.0 litre sets, conveniently boxed and ready to ship. The sustainable packaging is up to 90% recyclable and is highly efficient in use.

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