Introducing the most eco-friendly traction pad. Made out of 100% cork agglomerate.

EcoPro Driven By Nature

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We are "ecoPro - Driven by Nature" an award winning, Portuguese based company, designer and manufacturer of the most eco-friendly surfboard traction pads available worldwide.

In the last four years, we were exclusively dedicated to the development and production of a functional pad the Cork Traction Pad made from cork waste which consists of 97% of organic material and the most eco-friendly traction pad on the world, an alternative to replacing the use of plastics in the surf industry.

Behind this solution is a history full of struggle and sacrifice, but more important than that is what history already taught us and we cannot make the same mistakes by just looking to the other side.


Traction pads for Surfboards.


The cork used in the production of cork agglomerate comes from different sources:

From the first and second bark stripped, trees that are not ready to make stoppers and from the leftovers, shavings, pieces and waste from other cork industries. After milled together this granules are the raw material to produce cork agglomerates. Composite agglomerates are made from the agglomeration of these cork granules by a process of agglutination using pressure, heat and a binder.


For the application of the pads, please read carefully this note which will help you to place the traction pad in the surfboard:

- Read the instructions inside the box, placed below the Pad.
- Once the adhesive touches the board there is not possible returning.
- To remove the paper adhesive more easily, apply a little friction.

Important to remove all dirt, dust and wax, use a sand or a green wash clean scrub at the area where the pad is going to be placed, even if it's a new board.


Cork Tree

The cork oak is the only tree whose bark regenerates over the course of its lifetime around 250 years, and can be harvested about 15 times.

Cork Forest

Produce a vast amount of oxygen, provides retention and storage over 20 million tonnes of CO2.

Combats climate change, prevents soil degradation, regulates the water cycle, Fights desertification and creates employment. Cork forest provide a habitat for endangeerd species such as the Iberian Eagle and Iberian Lynx.


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