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The Fair Cottage × PLAN3T - The Sustainable Cashback System

The Fair Cottage × PLAN3T - The Sustainable Cashback System


Save money and CO₂ with every purchase.

The Fair Cottage is an official PLAN3T partner.

Every time you place an order, you will automatically receive PLAN3T Coins as a reward for your purchase. One PLAN3T Coin is equivalent to 0,01€. Currently you will receive "x%" of your purchase value in PLAN3T Coins.

So, what is the process to get your reward?

  • To get PLAN3T Coins, all you need to do is download the PLAN3T app and connect one or more bank accounts.
  • You can use your earned PLAN3T Coins to redeem discounts and rewards or to support climate protection projects.
  • PLAN3T connects quickly and securely to more than 800 German banks.
  • You can receive coins for your purchases retroactively for 90 days.
  • It usually takes 1-3 days until your coins are credited in the app.
  • If your purchase is not automatically recognised, you can send PLAN3T an invoice of your purchase.


PLAN3T works exclusively with sustainable companies.

Together we want to make environmentally friendly consumption easy and affordable for everyone. Join us, get the app and save the planet with us. Want to learn more about PLAN3T?

Sign up for PLAN3T for free.

Download the PLAN3T app from your App Store now and get started today. The app is free and you can quickly and securely connect your bank account in minutes.

Get the PLAN3T App
pla3t app

Earn PLAN3T Coins.

You will earn coins for each recognised payment at PLAN3T partners.

However, some payment methods work better than others. We therefore recommend the payment methods "Apple Pay, Google Pay, direct debit and credit card payment". In the case of PayPal payments, PLAN3T may still not recognise the payments 100% reliably.

In addition, you can earn coins in the PLAN3T app by referring friends or using other features such as the tips.

Redeem PLAN3T Coins.

You can use your earned PLAN3T Coins in many ways.

  • Save your Coins for great rewards. You can pay for entire products or vouchers.
  • Redeem discounts. Even if you apply a discount code, you will receive additional Coins as a reward.
  • Donate your Coins to climate protection projects. Together we can plant trees, protect coral reefs or build solar panels.
Get the PLAN3T App

More advantages of the PLAN3T App.

PLAN3T has made it its mission to make climate protection and sustainable consumption as easy as possible. That's why you will find many other exciting features in the app besides the reward system.

  • With the help of your connected bank account, you can track the CO₂ footprint of daily purchases. See which areas of everyday life you can improve.
  • Based on this, you will receive tips for a more sustainable everyday life. Answer the quiz questions and collect coins for each correct answer.
  • Watch your impact grow and share your successes with your friends. For every friend you refer, you collect coins and we plant a tree.
More about the PLAN3T App

At The Fair Cottage, we're constantly seeking ways to make a greater positive impact for both the planet and its inhabitants. If you have any suggestions for partnerships that could assist us in our mission, please reach out to us with your ideas.