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Balance Board Huku Original

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  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)


    Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

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    • Environment and HealthEnvironment and Health

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    • 3rd Party Audited3rd Party Audited

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    Forest Stewardship Council


    Multi-Stakeholder Initiative

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    Sustainable and ethical forest management and wood sourcing


    Guarantees that the wood contained in a product comes from an FSC certified forest or plantation.
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The Balance Board Huku Original with a wide face and large roller, designed and shaped to help improve your all round strength, core stability and balance.


1 x balance board, 770mm x 330mm
1 x roller, 140mm x 340mm


What is it?

Whether you plan to add a balance board to your exercise regimen, rehabilitation program, or daily work out routine, adding stability training with a balance board can have numerous benefits. Improving your balance can aid in rehabilitation, improve posture, reduce risk of injury, enhance coordination, and increase functional strength. Plus, it’s fun and easy to do.

Our materials

The Huku Balance Board Original and roller is made from 100% FSC certified birch laminate, non-toxic parafen-free glue, and high grade silica grit sourced responsibly in Donegal. We screen-printed by hand using water-based ink, and finish with an eco-friendly non-toxic, water-based varnish.

Let's get moving

Poor posture is a common problem, and the odds are pretty high you currently have a posture problem. Poor posture is a result of muscle imbalances, excess body weight, sitting for long periods of time or an injury. Building up strength in your core, back, and shoulders, can help you build up postural muscle strength and correct your posture

Guilt-free, naturally

All our boards are coated on the upper deck with a natural high grade silica grit, sourced responsibly in Donegal, Ireland.

More Information
Category Balance
Gender Unisex
Activity Fitness/Yoga
Materials Wood
Labels & Certifications Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
Brand Huku
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