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Arbor Collective

  • HEADQUARTERS LOCATION: Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California.
  • STORAGE LOCATION: Untereisesheim, Germany.

Arbor Collective Philosophy


Since 1995, our mission has been simple and unchanged; blend innovative design and traditional craftsmanship, with sustainable materials and construction methods. We believe this is the best way to deliver quality and performance to the pursuit of snowboarding, skateboarding, and the good times we seek along the way.

We’re proud to have been the first action sports brand specifically established to consider the environmental across everything we do. We thought it was funny in the 90s when people would refer to Arbor as that hippy brand. Back then, this was not a complement. Those days are over thanks to our customers, who understood that protecting the planet is about looking after our shared playground.


Snowboards. Never straying from our roots, Arbor Snowboards continues a 24 year commitment to sustainability, technology, and performance in our most mindfully crafted line ever.

The beautifully curated, sustainably sourced wood and bamboo PowerPlys serve as the canvas for the bold lines of Aaron Draplin on the all-new Shiloh, and are home to the detailed creatures created by Tegan White on the Cadence. Hand dyed Ash and the introduction of Entropy Bio Resin bring the brand new Crosscut to life, while employing green chemistry, greatly reducing our carbon impact. Bryan Iguchi adds the directional all-terrain attacking Annex to his quiver while Marie France Roy climbs the Canadian Rockies on the Swoon Split with the new Angusta Splitboard Skins.

With many additions to this year’s offering, Our commitment to protecting the forest stays the same. Not just planting tree, rebuilding forests.


We produce at SWS in Dubai. This facility has a number of benefits. By May 2020 the facility will run on 100% solar energy. The facility uses great filtering system to make sure that the emission rate stays as low as possible.

Next to that innovative methods are being utilized at the factory that enable us to use as much of the resource we use to build snowboard as possible. That way we try to make sure to create as little waste as possible. A closed system enables us to reuse all water that is being used in the production process.

Also, we rely on fair labour. All workers receive fair payment, are being treated very well, can participate in leisure activities that are offered on site and can use the transportation system (bus) that was installed specifically for the factory workers.


If a product is repairable and the damage to the product falls within our warranty promises, we are more than happy to repair the product for the customer. Recycling a used snowboard actually consumes a lot of energy and is currently not sustainable in our opinion. Instead we recommend that the consumer either outs the used board to new purpose (decoration, creating a shelf or a bench out of it etc. etc.) or donates it to someone who may not be able to buy a new snowboard yet, but is eager to try out our sport.


You can find more information about environmental and social programs that Arbor Collective support here.


  • Bamboo
  • Wood
  • Natural Wax
    Natural Wax
  • Bio Resin
    Bio Resin
  • Bio Plastic
    Bio Plastic

Labels & Certifications

  • FSC

Support & Programs

  • Protect Out Winter
  • Surfrider Foundation


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