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Houdini W's Bombastic Parka is our warmest parka ever, made for extreme conditions and really cold climates. The seam sealed, waterproof construction padded with new Primaloft Silver Ultra is light, soft and guaranteed to keep you sheltered from rain, wet snow and storm winds. How can we create an ultra warm parka that can stand against extreme temperatures, rain and snow without becoming heavy or bulky. That’s the question that the Houdini design team asked in the design process of Bombastic Parka. With a longer fit, high collar and the brand new padding Primaloft Silver Ultra, this is the solution for those of you that are always cold in the winter.

The key to Bombastic Parka is the new padding Primaloft® Silver Hi-Loft Ultra 200g that offers incredible heat with very low weight. We always use synthetic padding, partly because we don’t like to steal the feathers from any birds, but also because it performs better. Especially in damp or wet conditions. To create maximal weather protection, Bombastic Parka is sown in a 3-layer shell fabric that is waterproof, lightweight and durable. A generous hood and built in wrist gaiters creates a cozy feeling when the snow comes sideways or the storm is roaring. Bombastic Parka has seven pockets and pit zip ventilation.

Bombastic Parka is the perfect everyday jacket for cold climates, but also works for really chilly days in the ski slopes or after a cold water surf session. It will keep you warm for many cold winters ahead.
This garment is made in recycled and recyclable polyester. When it’s completely worn out (this takes many years), bring it back to us for recycling.

  • Relaxed fit
  • Waterproof with taped seams
  • Water repellent zippers
  • Padded with Primaloft® Silver Hi-Loft Ultra
  • Water repellent, PFAO free
  • Big, adjustable hood
  • Built in wrist gaiters
  • 7 pockets, outside and inside
  • Adjustable bottom hem
  • Made in recycled polyester
  • Recyclable

Fabrics and Technology

Bedrock 3L Hardshell™

High density woven fabric with a smooth, abrasion resistant face and an ultra light friction free inside. Waterproof, breathable, ripsconstruction with good abrasion resistance.

  • Origin: Japan
  • 70% Eco Circle® recycled
  • Polyester, 30%
  • Polyester face fabric
  • Atmos™, 100%
  • Polyester membrane
  • 100% polyester jersey backing fabric
  • Recyclable
  • Weight: 167 g/sqm
  • Breathability; 15,000
  • g/m2¥24 hrs
  • Waterproofness: 20,000 mm H2O or higher
  • High density fibers for durability
  • DWR finish – PFAS free

PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation Hi-Loft Ultra 200g

Synthetic padding with extremely high insulation. It's lightweight, water repellant, durable and quick drying. Made with 70% recycled polyester.

  • Origin: China
  • 70% recycled polyester, 30% polyester
  • Weight: 200 g/sqm
  • Recyclable
  • Bluesign® certified
  • Excellent warmth to weight-ratio
  • Vertically oriented fibers for ultra high loft
  • Compressible and great loft retention
  • Highly water resistant
  • Care Instructions

    Padded garments

    Our padded garments are made with synthetic insulation from Primaloft. There are many advantages to a synthetic padding compared to down: You don’t have to tumble dry the garment with balls to regain the shape, it dries faster and it doesn’t smell when it’s damp.

    • Air clothes instead of washing to save water, energy and to make the garments last longer.
    • Use a washing bag to protect your garments and to prevent fibers from leaking. When cleaning the bag and filter in the machine, make sure to wipe it clean and throw the lint in your trash can. Never rinse it in water since we don’t want the fibers to end up in lakes or oceans.
    • Machine wash cold.
    • Use mild environmentally certified detergents and make sure to use the right dose.
    • Avoid fabric softener. Besides being harmful for our environment, they have a negative impact on the garment performance, mainly moisture transportation and breathability.
    • Hang dry. Just remember to introduce heat to the garment after washing to reactivate the water resistant surface of the outer fabric. Use a drying cabinet, dryer or iron. Make sure you monitor the heat so the garment does not melt.



    The Circular label means that this product is made either from recycled and recyclable or renewable and biodegradable fibers. Most products in today's society are made in a linear lifecycle, where earth's resources are extracted, used and then discarded. This is not working in the long run and comes at a great environmental impact. Instead, we want to close the loop and reuse the material we already have. But we need your help. When your Houdini garments are completely worn out, please return them to us through the recycling units we have in all our own stores and at many retailers.


    The Recycled label means that this garment contains at least 50% recycled fibers (often more, see product description). The source is either recycled clothes or other sources like PET bottles. We mainly use recycled polyester, which has many benefits. It reduces both CO2 emissions and water use compared to virgin polyester. How much depends on the type of recycling. One of our suppliers show 32% less CO2 emissions and 94% less water use for mechanically recycled polyester. Besides the production impact, the major shift is using "waste" as raw material instead of crude oil.


    The Recyclable label means that the raw material in this product can be used for new products, instead of becoming waste. Our goal is that by 2030, we will take no raw material to our products from the earth's crust. Circular products, made from reycled and recyclable materials are a real game changer, but we need your help for the system to work. When your Houdini garments are completely worn out, please return them to us. We have recycle units in all of our own stores and at many retailers.

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