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100% Korkagglomerat | Midlle Arc | Ramp

1 Stück | 30cm x 30,5 cm

Made by 100% Cork Agglomerate this functional Traction Pad to Surfboards consists almost entirely of natural materials. At a time when sustainability is increasingly a concept practiced in the world of Surf, we bring to the market the most eco-friendly traction pad of the surf industry.

With a unique and innovative design, the Cork Traction Pad combines traction and comfort. Fully developed in Cork, this deck is equally or more resistant, durable and lightweight as the traditional Pads derived from Petrochemicals.

Cork is a natural, 100% vegetable product. The Cork oak forest maintenance contributes to the sustainability of a vast and fragile ecosystem, also contributes to the annual sequestration of many tonnes of CO2, contributing to a reduction in the greenhouse effect and global warming.

Natural, versatile and sustainable, the Cork Traction Pad is an excellent alternative to conventional traction pads, which are produced from petroleum materials and have a huge impact on global pollution.

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