Our history

About The Fair Cottage

Like many lovers of boardsports and outdoor activities, we yearn for lifestyles that safeguard nature, the playground on which all outdoor sports rely. We are concerned about the bubble of misinformation in which we live and the huge use of fast, unfair and unsustainable trade.

About Us

The Fair Cottage, based in Berlin, promotes environmental awareness, transparency and sustainable outdoor gear via our blog, allowing people to enjoy nature while reaping its rewards. Whether it be surfing, snowboarding or rock-climbing. If nature provides the playground, we’re on board.

Outdoor sport is deeply connected with nature, despite being one of the polluting and exploitative industries. Change relies not only manufacturers, but the values of consumers and the choices we make. The Fair Cottage will exist initially as a blog space to promote change. The ultimate aim is to bring together a collection of quality, eco-friendly boardsports and outdoor clothing & gear by trusted brands, who share our passion for ethical consumption and sustainable living.

Where does it come from? How were the resources obtained? What is the environmental impact? Through the blog we will discuss the importance of these questions, explore ways that suppliers and customers can make more ethical choices and plan the growth of the project as a whole. The blog will also feature stories and reflections from active, eco-conscious contributors.

We believe in a new marketplace, where people can find out about products and the processes, values, and certifications of the brands behind them. The Fair Cottage supports any person or company who ventures with us into this new era of transparency and sustainability.

We enjoy nature, we are nature.


  • Maintain a space focused on sustainable boardsports and outdoor clothing & gear.
  • Support eco-friendly, ethical and transparent consumption.
  • Bring transparency to every product and brand.
  • Provide trusted, expert advice based on thorough research.
  • Deliver quality and durable products with long lifecycles.
  • Support a circular economy.

Our values

  • Information is the foundation of transparency
  • Transparency helps to build trust
  • Sustainability is our focus
  • Quality is our signature
  • We carefor people and the planet
  • We share values and knowledge
  • We solve problems together